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Terms of Sale and Delivery 

Terms of sale and delivery apply to all offers, sales and deliveries, unless another written agreement has been made. 

In case of alterations regarding duties, taxes, material or monetary conditions and other trade reservations between the time of quotation and delivery we resolve the right to cover our increased expenses. 

All prices are exclusive VAT and any state charges. 

Delivery takes place from the business address of GreenMatic. 

The buyer cannot cancel the purchase if delay takes place during the stated time of delivery unless another written agreement has been accepted. We reserve the right to part delivery. 

On any delay that may arise we reserve the right to refuse to accept any responsibility of all indirect consequences of the delay, including operating loss, time loss, profit loss and the like. On delay a demand of compensation can only be made if it can be specifically proved that the delay had essential importance to the buyer. 

All goods will at any time be forwarded in the way we find most appropriate. 

Dispatch will be on the buyer’s account and risk, and damages and delays during transportation will therefore not be compensated. 

Terms of payment are stated in the quotation, order confirmation and invoice. On payment later than stated an interest of 3% will be charged for each fraction of a month beyond maturity date, which is the date of the invoice. 

Orders of € 6.000 and more are settled as follows: 

2/3 at order date 

1/3 at final delivery. Here any discounts are deducted. 

The buyer is not entitled to offset any counter claims against the seller unless these are accepted in writing and the buyer has no right to withhold any part of the purchase price owing to outstanding counter claims of any kind. 

The ownership of any delivery will not be transferred to the buyer until the finial invoice has been paid. 

Designs, specifications, models etc. which have been evolved free of charge in connection with quotations, 

will remain the property of GreenMatic. Such material must not in any respect be misused or passed on to third party and must be returned to GreenMatic in case the quotation is not being accepted. If GreenMatic delivers software, including know-how, GreenMatic keeps all the rights. 

The buyer is solely entitled to use the material, which GreenMatic has worked out, to the extent of which has been agreed upon or has been provided and the 

material must not be handed over to others without previous agreement with GreenMatic. 

Commissioning, Installation, Transport, Accommodation
The buyer takes care of his own account and the risk of the necessary fitter assistance. If, according to the agreement, it is the responsibility of GreenMatic to provide instructions or guidelines during installation, this will be done in GreenMatic’s assessment. In the event of delays without GreenMatic’s fault, the buyer will pay the associated additional costs, calculated on the basis of the rules in force at any given time. Transport & accommodation are not included, invoiced separately according to current rules. 

A fixed repair price means that the product can be repaired under normal conditions and that the product does not have serious damage and defects. Additional costs for repairs will be invoiced separately. 

Devices that contain applications, the customer should ensure backup before repair, as GreenMatic is not responsible for loss of applications in connection with repair. 

GreenMatic claims to invoice the exchange unit at full price if there has been an unauthorized change of submitted item. 

The defective product must be returned within 1 week from the date of purchase. The defective product must be identical and, in a condition so that it can be repaired. If the defective product is not returned within the stipulated time or it cannot be repaired, the difference between the selling price and the Exchange price will be invoiced. 

Responsibility for defects and errors 
We strive to always deliver goods that meet standards and specifications, according to what our data sheets state. If these specifications are not complied with, or if the equipment is otherwise defective and defective, we undertake to repair or replace defective parts at no cost to the buyer when the equipment is returned to our address, but is not responsible in addition, just as the buyer can not cancel the deal , if we repair or exchange within 10 working days after receiving the returned. 

Costs and risk of returning to our address are the responsibility of the buyer. 

Product liability 
We are responsible to product liability according to the ordinary rules of the Danish law. However, the liability is limited to the extent of the compensation in our product liability insurance. As far as nothing else falls under the fixed rules of law, we are not responsible of operating loss, profit loss or other direct loss. 

Complaints about deficiency or other visible defects and imperfections must be presented within 5 working days from the receipt of the equipment. Otherwise, the buyer is prevented from claiming the defect or the imperfection. 

Return of goods 
Goods, which have specially been produced as desired by the buyer, cannot be returned. 

Standard goods can only be returned according to a previous distinct agreement, and the invoice amount will be deducted by 20 per cent provided that the goods are returned in the unbroken original container. Any costs and risks by dispatch to our factory are chargeable to buyer. 

Venue and Choice of law 
Any disagreement between the parties is settled at The Marine and Commercial Court in Copenhagen according to Danish Law. 

GreenMatic er altid parat med råd og vejledning vedrørende din reparation.

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